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Genesis Dentists is dedicated to delivering superior dental fillings in Melbourne, also known as restorations or dental bonding, to repair teeth affected by decay or injury. We exclusively utilise composite or resin fillings, which not only restore the tooth’s functionality but also improve its aesthetic appearance.

The Filling Process at Genesis Dentists

Our process starts with the careful elimination of decayed or damaged tooth material. Following this, the area is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the filling. We use cutting-edge composite or resin materials, carefully matched to the natural colour of your teeth, ensuring a restoration that is both seamless and aesthetically pleasing. The composite is accurately applied, shaped, and then solidified using a specialised light. This method restores the tooth’s original function while preserving its natural look.

We focus on composite fillings as part of our commitment to treatments that meet both functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. Composite fillings provide a durable, tooth-coloured option that integrates flawlessly with your natural teeth, particularly suitable for visible areas.

Why Opt for Composite Fillings?

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Composite fillings are tooth-coloured and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.
  • Preservation of Tooth Structure: This method allows for a more conservative approach, retaining more of the natural tooth
  • Durability: Contemporary composite materials are robust and enduring, apt for restoring teeth to their full functionality.

At Genesis Dentists, our proficient team is committed to providing tooth fillings that not only reinstate dental health but also augment the natural allure of your smile.


The Importance of Dental Fillings: Preventing Decay and Avoiding Root Canal Treatment

Dental fillings in Melbourne are a crucial component of oral healthcare, vital for repairing teeth compromised by decay or injury. The purpose of a filling is to restore the tooth’s integrity and functionality while preventing further decay and more serious dental problems. Genesis Dentists focuses on providing composite or resin fillings, which offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Understanding Dental Fillings

Dental fillings in Melbourne, a form of dental restoration, address damage caused by tooth decay, thereby extending the tooth’s lifespan. That is to say, decay begins with bacterial plaque on the teeth, which uses food particles to generate acids that erode the tooth enamel. If neglected, this decay progresses through the tooth’s layers, creating cavities.

The filling process involves removing all decayed material, scaling and clean the cavity, and filling it with a suitable material. At Genesis Dentists, composite resin is the preferred choice due to its ability to closely match the natural tooth colour. This tooth-coloured material is ideal for both aesthetic and functional restorations. It bonds well to the tooth surface, allowing for less natural tooth structure removal compared to other filling types.

Importance of Timely Treatment

Tooth decay doesn’t self-correct and worsens over time. So, if decay reaches the dentin layer beneath the enamel, the tooth becomes sensitive to temperature and pressure, signifying extensive damage. Also, neglected decay can lead to severe issues like abscesses, necessitating treatments like root canal therapy or extraction.

Choosing the Right Filling Material

Composite fillings, comprising acrylic resin and powdered glass ionomer, are aesthetically pleasing but may not be as resilient as amalgam. They are suitable for small-to-medium-sized fillings and areas needing aesthetic attention but may not be ideal for deeper fillings on biting surfaces due to their relatively lower durability.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) advocates for various dental filling materials, recommending that the choice should consider factors like the tooth’s location, filling size, patient history, and cosmetic dentistry concerns.

Innovative Dental Filling Techniques in Melbourne

Innovative Dental Filling Techniques in Melbourne

Here at Genesis Dentists in Melbourne, we know going to the dentist can feel scary. But we’re here to help with easy treatments for your teeth. Therefore, if you have a little hole in your tooth, we can fix it without any fuss.

We Makes Fillings Simple

  • Fillings Made Friendly: We keep things friendly and straightforward. So, if you have tooth trouble, we sort it out without a hassle. We’re all about giving you a hand with a smile.
  • Fillings That Last: Our fillings are like a saviour for your teeth – they’re strong and last a long time. They fight off the baddies like tooth decay, so you can keep eating all your favourite foods without worry.

Shiny Teeth, Happy You

  • All About Bright Smiles: We’re not just here to fix holes in your teeth. That is to say, we want your smile to be as bright as a sunny Melbourne day. Need teeth whitening for your teeth? We can do that. Want a tooth that looks and feels like new? That is to say, we’ve got dental implant. And also, for those after a bit of shine, we have porcelain fillings as shiny as your natural teeth

More Than Just Fillings

  • Looking After Your Whole Smile: We do more than just fix teeth. We care about keeping your whole mouth happy and healthy. Therefore, with dental clinics all over Melbourne, it’s super easy to stop by for a check up and cleaning or anything else your teeth might need.

So, that’s what we do at Genesis Dentists. That is to say, we’re not just your dentist; we’re like your friendly neighbour. We make sure you leave with a big, healthy smile every time. For a quick fix or just to make your teeth sparkle, come see us. We make dental care easy and worry-free.

Understanding the Longevity of Dental Fillings in Melbourne

At Genesis Dentists, we make sure your dental fillings in Melbourne stand the test of time. So, let’s talk about how we do that.

Making Fillings Last

  • Strong Fillings for a Strong Smile: Firstly, we choose the best stuff to fill your teeth. This means they last longer and you worry less. For instance, it’s like building a house. In other words, strong bricks mean a solid home.
  • Care for All Teeth: Whether it’s your back teeth or your wisdom teeth, we make sure our fillings are top-notch. This way, your teeth stay healthy for eating, talking, and smiling.

Keeping Your Fillings in Top Shape

  • Simple Steps for Lasting Smiles: So, here’s a little secret: taking care of your fillings is easy. Brush, floss, and yes, come see us. These steps help your fillings last a bunch of years.
  • No More Teeth Grinding Worries: Do you grind your teeth at night? Don’t fret. That is to say, our fillings are tough. They can handle the pressure, so you can rest easily.

When to Check Your Fillings

  • Regular Visits Keep Fillings Happy: Now and then, pop into our dentist clinic. We’ll take a peek to make sure your fillings are holding up. That is to say, it’s like a quick car check to keep you running smoothly.
  • Book a Visit, Keep the Smile: The best way to know if your fillings are doing great? Book appointment. A quick chat with us can save you time and trouble later.

Choose Us for Long-Lasting Fillings

Here’s the takeaway: At Genesis Dentists, we’re all about fillings that last. With a little care, they’ll stick with you, letting you enjoy life without tooth worries. For wisdom teeth, professional teeth whitening, or just a check-up, we’re here. So, come on over. Let’s keep those smile makeovers going strong in Melbourne

Understanding the Longevity of Dental Fillings in Melbourne

Personalized Dental Fillings in Melbourne: Custom Solutions for Every Smile

We at Genesis Dentists get that every smile is unique. So we craft fillings to fit you just right. So, let’s talk about how we make your smile shine with fillings that feel like they’ve always been there.

Fillings That Fit You

  • Match Your Tooth, Keep Your Smile: We pick a filling that’s the same colour as your tooth. This way, your smile stays looking natural. It’s like a secret between you and us – nobody else needs to know.
  • Comfort Comes First: Your comfort is key. We shape each filling to feel good and fit perfectly. You won’t even notice it’s there, whether you’re laughing, chatting, or enjoying your favourite food.

The Caring Touch

  • No Hurries, Just Care: Here, we’re all about detail. We take the time to do it just right. Your teeth deserve that kind of attention, and we’re happy to give it.
  • Fillings on Your Terms: Scared of the dentist? Therefore, we’ve got you covered with sleep dentistry. You can take a nap while we work our magic on your teeth. It’s that simple.

It’s About the Whole You

  • Healthy Teeth, Happy You:We think about your whole health, not just your teeth. So, that’s our way of doing things – looking at the big picture for the best care.
  • Here When You Need Us Most:Toothache out of the blue? No worries. We’re ready to help, fast. That’s what our emergency dentistry is all about.

Your Smile, Our Craft

So, at Genesis Dentists in Melbourne, we promise fillings that are just for you. Made to match, made for comfort, and just for your smile. Drop by, let’s talk, and we’ll make sure your teeth are not just treated well, but treated just for you.

The Role of Digital Dentistry in Dental Fillings Melbourne

So, let’s have a little chat about how at Genesis Dentists, we use cool tech to make dental fillings in Melbourne better. It’s all about making sure you get the best care without any hassle.

Tech-Savvy Fillings

  • Gadgets for Great Smiles: First up, we use nifty gadgets to look at your teeth. They help us see exactly where the filling needs to go. It’s like using a smart map for your mouth.
  • Fillings Fit to Perfection: We’re all about precision. Our digital tools help make sure your filling fits just like a puzzle piece. Perfect fit means more comfort for you.

No Guesswork in Our Clinic

  • Clear Pictures, Clear Treatment Plans: We take pictures inside your mouth with a camera that’s super tiny. This gives us a clear view. So, we know just what to do for your tooth.
  • Fast and Comfy: This digital way means we can work fast. You get top-notch care in less time. Plus, it’s all pretty comfy.

When to Check Your FillingsHolistic Care Meets High-Tech

  • Caring for Your Whole Self:Holistic dentistry is big for us. It means we care for all of you, not just your teeth. Our tech helps us do just that.
  • Sleep Well, Breathe Easy: Got sleep apnoea? Our digital tools can help find ways to make your nights better. We look at how your mouth’s shape can affect your sleep. Then, we figure out the best way to help.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s the thing. At Genesis Dentists, we believe in keeping up with the times. Using digital dentistry helps us make sure your dental fillings in Melbourne are just what you need. Pop in and see how our high-tech touch can help your smile stay bright and healthy in Melbourne.

The Role of Digital Dentistry in Dental Fillings Melbourne

Eco-friendly Dental Filling Options in Melbourne

At Genesis Dentists, we’re all about choices that are kind to you and the earth. Let’s dive into how our dental fillings in Melbourne are not just good for your teeth but also for our planet

We Go Green with Fillings

Fillings That Care for Earth

We pick materials for your fillings that are safe and green. This way, we help our planet while we fix your smile. It’s a win-win!

Gold Fillings

Did you know gold fillings are not just fancy but also eco-friendly? They last long and are kind to our world. Plus, they look great!

Keeping it Safe and Sound

Mouthguards That Guard Nature Too

Love sports? We make sport mouthguards to protect your teeth. And guess what? They’re eco-friendly as well. Protect your smile and play safe!

Easy Access, Less Impact

Our clinic on the ground floor means easy come-and-go for everyone. Less hassle for you and less energy use – better for the earth.

Pick Us for Earth-Loving Care

So, there you have it. At Genesis Dentists, we believe in doing our bit for nature. Our dental fillings in Melbourne are just one way we show it. Need a filling? A gold sparkle? Or a guard for sports? Come right in. We’re here on the ground floor, ready to help in a way that’s easy for you and gentle on the earth.

Insurance and Financing for Dental Fillings in Melbourne

We’re Genesis Dentists, and we think everyone in Melbourne should smile without worrying about the cost. So, let’s chat about how we make dental fillings in Melbourne easy on your pocket.

Paying for Fillings Can Be Easy

Split the Cost, Keep Smiling

Money should never stop you from taking care of your teeth. So, that’s why we offer dental payment plans. They let you pay little by little, so you don’t have to pay all at once. It’s like buying a pie slice by slice instead of the whole pie in one go.

Insurance? We Get It Sorted

If you have insurance, bring it on! We’re good at working with insurance companies. We’ll help you understand what they’ll pay for, so you can get your fillings without a worry.

All About Our Helpful Team

Meet the Team

We have a team here ready to meet you. They’re super friendly and know all about making payments simple. They’re here to answer all your questions.

Ready for the Big Stuff

If your teeth need more than a filling, like oral surgery, we’re ready to chat about that, too. Our team will guide you through the costs and how to manage them, even for the big things.

We're Your Friendly Dental Helpers

At Genesis Dentists in Melbourne, we’re all about helping you afford dental fillings in Melbourne. Whether you want to spread the cost out, use your insurance, or just need some advice, we’re right here. Stop by and let’s keep your smile bright and your savings intact.


At Genesis Dentists, we recognize the importance of prompt and effective treatment for tooth decay. Our composite resin fillings not only halt decay but also maintain the natural appearance of your teeth. Regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene are key to preventing decay and avoiding more extensive dental procedures.


Resin fillings, also known as composite fillings, are tooth-coloured restorations created from a composite of plastic and fine glass particles. Utilised for filling cavities from tooth decay, they offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. These fillings bond directly to the tooth, aiding in structural support and maintaining the tooth’s natural appearance.

Resin fillings differ from amalgam (silver) fillings in aesthetics and structure.Resin fillings are tooth-coloured, blending in with the natural tooth, while amalgam fillings are more noticeable due to their silver colour.

Resin fillings bond to the tooth, requiring less removal of healthy tooth material, unlike amalgam fillings, which are made from a metal mixture and are notable for their durability but less aesthetic appeal.

Advantages of resin fillings include:

  • Aesthetics: Their colour matches natural teeth, making them less noticeable.
  • Tooth Structure Conservation: They require the removal of less tooth structure than amalgam fillings.
  • Tooth Structure Bonding: Resin fillings bond to the tooth, potentially strengthening it and reducing fracture risk.
  • Versatility: Suitable for repairing chips, breaks, or worn teeth.

Resin fillings, though not as long-lasting as amalgam fillings, are sufficiently durable for chewing forces and can last several years with proper care. Their durability depends on factors like filling location, cavity size, and the patient’s oral hygiene and eating habits.

Resin fillings generally last between 5 to 10 years, sometimes longer with good oral hygiene and care. Their longevity can be influenced by the filling’s location, cavity size, and the patient’s chewing habits.

Getting a resin filling is typically painless. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the area, ensuring no discomfort during the procedure. Some post-procedure sensitivity or discomfort might occur but usually subsides within a few days

Resin fillings are suitable for most cavity types, particularly in visible mouth areas, thanks to their aesthetic nature. They are ideal for small to medium cavities and can be used on both anterior and posterior teeth. For larger cavities or areas with high chewing pressure, other restorative options may be more suitable.

Caring for resin fillings involves regular oral hygiene practices, such as twice-daily brushing, daily flossing, and using antiseptic mouthwash to prevent plaque buildup. Avoid habits that could damage the fillings, like chewing hard objects or using teeth as tools. Regular dental check-ups are important to monitor the fillings and overall oral health.

The time to place a resin filling at Genesis Dentists varies, typically ranging from 30 minutes to an hour per tooth. Factors include the cavity’s size and location. The procedure involves removing the decay, cleaning the area, layering the resin, curing each layer with special light, and shaping and polishing the filling.

Yes, resin fillings can be closely matched to your natural tooth colour. Your dentist at Genesis Dentists will select a resin shade that blends seamlessly with your existing teeth, rendering the fillings virtually invisible.

Resin fillings are safe and widely used. They are made from biocompatible materials, posing no harm to teeth or surrounding tissues. Unlike amalgam fillings, they are mercury-free. A small number of individuals may have sensitivities to composite resin components, but this is rare.

The dental fees of resin fillings at Genesis Dentists depends on the cavity’s size, the tooth’s location, and regional pricing. Generally, resin fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings due to the materials and the intricate process of placement. For specific pricing, consult with our dentists

Many dental insurance plans cover resin fillings, particularly for front teeth or visible areas. Coverage for back teeth may vary, as some insurers cover only the cost equivalent to an amalgam filling. Check with your insurance provider for exact coverage details.

Resin fillings are less likely to stain than natural teeth but can discolour over time, especially when exposed to staining substances like coffee or tobacco. Regular dental teeth cleaning and minimising exposure to such agents can help maintain the fillings’ colour.

The process for a resin filling at Genesis Dentists involves:

  • Numbing the area with local anaesthetic.
    • Removing decay and preparing the tooth.
    • Applying adhesive and layering the resin material.
    • Curing each resin layer with a special light.
    • Shaping and polishing the filling for a proper bite.

Yes, resin fillings are suitable for both front and back teeth. They are aesthetically ideal for front teeth and, thanks to advancements in materials, are also strong and durable for back teeth.

Resin fillings prevent further decay by sealing the cavity and halting decay progression. They restore the tooth’s structure and prevent bacteria and food particles from accumulating, thereby acting as a barrier against further decay.

Post-resin filling, some sensitivity to temperatures is common but typically subsides within days. Avoid chewing on the filling immediately after placement. Maintain regular oral hygiene, and report any prolonged sensitivity to your dentist.

If a resin filling is damaged, it can often be repaired by replacing the damaged part with new composite material. Extensive damage may require a complete replacement of the filling.

Genesis Dentists opts for resin fillings due to their aesthetic benefits and minimal impact on natural tooth structure. They offer a natural appearance, require less removal of healthy tooth material, and are mercury-free, aligning with our commitment to modern, patient-friendly dental solutions.